Question's of English for Toady

Put the following parts of the story in correct order to rewrite the whole story.


A. The merchant sold him to a rich man in another country.

B. He used to inflict heavy torture on him.

C. To escape torture, one day he fled from his master’s house.

D. The man was very rude and cruel.

Paragraph (any one according to your own syllabus) 


A. Water pollution

B. A Visit to a Place of Historical Interest

C. A Street Beggar

D. The Importance of Learning English

Letter Writing (any one according to your own syllabus) 

Write a letter to your younger brother or friend about ______


A. A Picnic you Enjoyed

B. The Importance of Reading Newspaper

C. The Importance of Taking Physical Exercise

D. Your Summer Vacation

Dialogue Writing (any one according to your own syllabus) 

A Dialogue between you and your friend about _______


A. How to Improve in English

B. The Necessity of Learning English

C. Necessity of Book Reading

D. Your Preparation for the Coming Examination

 Fill in the blanks with suitable words:         

companies;  receive; advertise;
coverage; live;  popular;
sponsored; pay;   organized; 


A. Most of these events are (c) _ by multinational manufacturing (d) _ and business firms.

B. Sports are a (a) _ from of entertainment.

C. They (e) _ for the sports events in exchange for the right to (f) _ their products during those events.

D. Many international sporting events are (b) _ from time to time.