Objective's Of Enlish Grammer and Composition

Which is relative pronoun in sentence "Is this a book which your father bought last year?"

A) Whise

B) Is

C) Youre

D) Thise

Correct Answer A

Which is objective pronoun in sentence "They could not score as many as runs as us."

A) As

B) They

C) Us

D) Could

Correct Answer C

Which is relative pronoun in sentence "An old woman, who was a teacher had great collection of books."

A) Was

B) Had

C) Of

D) Who

Correct Answer D

Which is objective pronoun in sentence "My uncle asked us for dinner."

A) My

B) For

C) Asked

D) Us

Correct Answer D

Which is reflexive pronoun in sentence "No worry, I will handle myself."

A) I

B) Will

C) Handle

D) Myself

Correct Answer D

Which is interrogative pronoun in sentence "What is your teacher telling? That is important." is

A) What

B) Your

C) Is

D) That

Correct Answer A

Which is reciprocal pronoun in sentence "They are always helpful with each other.

A) Thwy

B) With

C) Other

D) Each other

Correct Answer D

Which is t he subjective pronoun in sentence "We should be honest in every aspects of life."

A) We

B) Be

C) Every

D) Of

Correct Answer A

Number of methods to solve a quadratic equation are

A) 2

B) 3

C) 4

D) 5

Correct Answer B

Roots of equation 9x² - 9x + 1 = 0 are

A) real, equal

B) real, unequal

C) imaginary

D) irrational

Correct Answer A

An equation which contains square of unknown variable quantity, but no higher power is called

A) quadratic equation

B) linear equation

C) simple equation complex equation

D) complex equation

Correct Answer A

A group of interacting bodies on which no external force is acting is known as

A) sexasigmal system

B) sexasigmal system

C) SGS system

D) none of above

Correct Answer B

When we walk or run, to push ground backward we need

A) inertia

B) position

C) friction

D) velocity

Correct Answer C

Appropriate Synonym 'Perturb'

A) Tutor

B) Agitate

C) pretend

D) Arrive

Correct Answer B

Mother said, "Where are you going?"

A) Mother said me where I am going.

B) Mother said to me where are you going.

C) Mother asked where I was going

D) Mother asked me where I am going.

Correct Answer C

There were---- reactions after the bill was passed.

A) a mix

B) mix

C) mixed

D) missed

Correct Answer C

He was happy to be------- friend.

A) Between

B) middle of

C) along

D) among

Correct Answer D

My birthday is -------- November.

A) in

B) on

C) by

D) month

Correct Answer A

-------- his convincing argument' the project was not approved.

A) Although

B) However

C) Despite

D) In spite

Correct Answer C

They gave me a form and told me to ------.

A) fill on

B) fill in it

C) fill on it

D) fill it in

Correct Answer D