Objective's Of Enlish Grammer and Composition

Choose the correct word order

A) Why did she leave so early ?

B) Why did so early she leave ?

C) Why so early did she leave ?

D) Why she did leave so early ?

Correct Answer A

Select same meaning of the underlined word : Take care not to get hurt with the steam from the Kettle.

A) Scalded

B) Cut

C) Bruised

D) Burnt

Correct Answer A

Fill in the blank with word with correct spelling : Please give me a ______________ Of paper

A) piece

B) peice

C) piese

D) peace

Correct Answer A

Please _____ your dog. (Fill in the blanks)

A) Restrain

B) Stop

C) Prevent

D) subdue

Correct Answer A

A ______ of books. (Fill in the blanks)

A) Liberty

B) Course

C) Group

D) Pack

Correct Answer A

Internal telephone system (Substitute with single word)

A) Intercom

B) Intercourse

C) Interlocutor

D) Interim

Correct Answer A

One who travels from place to place (One word substitution)

A) Itinerant

B) Mendicant

C) Journeyman

D) Tramp

Correct Answer A

If you call to him and explain your problem, he will help. (Substitute the underlined part)

A) call upon him

B) call at him

C) call in him

D) No improvement

Correct Answer A

He may have aged when I last saw him. (Substitute the underlined part)

A) since I last saw him

B) since I saw him

C) before I last saw him

D) No Correction

Correct Answer A

KINDLE (Find word with opposite in meaning)

A) Extinguish

B) Encourage

C) Ignore

D) Ignite

Correct Answer A

HAPPINESS (Find word with opposite in meaning)

A) Grief

B) Contentment

C) Renunciation

D) Beatitude

Correct Answer A

The chairman is ill and we'ii haqave to....the meeting for a few days.

A) put on

B) put off

C) put awae

D) put of

Correct Answer D

Dowry is no longer permitted by law even in... marriage.

A) love

B) conventional

C) natural

D) bigmous

Correct Answer A

The new industrial policy is a result of the confidence the goverment has in ihe..... of the indian industry.

A) opinion

B) existance

C) status

D) maturity

Correct Answer B

He is too.....to be deceived easily.

A) strong

B) modern

C) intelligent

D) kind

Correct Answer C

There was _____ huge crowd of people outside the church.

A) A

B) An

C) The

D) blank

Correct Answer A

Blue blood

A) .Belonging to low class society

B) Give complain in written

C) Member of high class society

D) .Complain give verbally

Correct Answer C

In matrices, rows are denoted by

A) A

B) B

C) C

D) R

Correct Answer C

Vertically arranged elements in a matrix are called

A) columns

B) rows

C) determinants

D) transpose

Correct Answer A

By changing signs of all elements of a matrix, we obtained

A) identical matrix

B) negative of a matrix

C) null/zero matrix

D) determinant of a matrix

Correct Answer B