Objective's Of Enlish Grammer and Composition

Jane ..... her blue jeans today, but usually she wears a skirt or a dress.

A) wears

B) wearing

C) wear

D) is wearing

Correct Answer D

I think I ..... a new calculator. This one does not work properly any more.

A) needs

B) needed

C) need

D) am needing

Correct Answer C

Sorry, you can't borrow my pencil. I ..... it myself.

A) was using

B) using

C) use

D) am using

Correct Answer D

At a school dance: Jane: " ..... yourself?" Mary: "Yes, I'm having a great time!"

A) you enjoying

B) enjoy you

C) do you enjoy

D) are you enjoying

Correct Answer D

I've just finished reading a story called Dangerous Game. It's about a man who ..... his wife because he doesn't want to lose her.

A) kills

B) kill

C) killed

D) is killing

Correct Answer A

I ..... for my pen. Have you seen it?

A) will look

B) looking

C) look

D) am looking

Correct Answer D

The phone ...... Can you answer it, please?

A) rings

B) rang

C) is ringing

D) ring

Correct Answer C

He wants to get a better ______ and earn more money

A) employ

B) job

C) work

D) employment

Correct Answer B

Managers set objectives, and decide .............. their organization can achieve them.

A) what

B) how

C) which

D) because

Correct Answer B

Obviously, objectives occasionally .............. be modified or changed.

A) have to

B) must to

C) shouldn’t

D) ought

Correct Answer A

A defect can be caused .............. negligence by one of the members of a team.

A) by

B) to

C) at

D) in

Correct Answer A

I .............. the piano since the age of five.

A) played

B) am playing

C) play

D) have played

Correct Answer D

The unions now represent less .............. 10% of the French work force

A) of

B) in

C) than

D) then

Correct Answer C

The unions now represent less .............. 10% of the French work force.

A) of

B) in

C) than

D) then

Correct Answer C

Which of the following will not protect you from spam?

A) popup blocker

B) filters

C) e-mail rules

D) spam blockers

Correct Answer A

________ controls the way in which the computer system functions and provides a means by which users can interact with the computer.

A) The operating system

B) The motherboard

C) The platform

D) Application software

Correct Answer A

Which of the following is a correct format of Email address?

A) care@website.com

B) care@website@com

C) carewebsite.com

D) care.website.com

Correct Answer A

The Finance Commission is appointed after every

A) 5years

B) 2years

C) 4years

D) 7years

Correct Answer A

The system of dual citizenship exists in

A) United Kingdom

B) France


D) India

Correct Answer A

The value of Gold is determined in

A) London

B) Rome

C) Washington

D) Teheran

Correct Answer A