Objective's Of Enlish Grammer and Composition

The word 'manifestation means

A) presentation

B) right

C) change

D) sign

Correct Answer C

What does 'apartheid' refer to?

A) Apart

B) Distance

C) Discrimination

D) Dialogue

Correct Answer B

টাচস্ক্রিন মােবাইল ফোন আবিষ্কারক কে?

A) বিল গেটস

B) চার্লস্ ব্যাবেজ (

C) স্টিভ জবস্

D) জর্জ বুল

Correct Answer B

'A drawing man -- a strew'.

A) cast off

B) cast out

C) catches at

D) catches to

Correct Answer B

He went to hospital because he had - heart attack

A) an article

B) no article

C) a.

D) an

Correct Answer B

Choose the correct sentence -

A) He is a happiest child of all

B) He is the happiest child of all

C) He is most happy child of all

D) He is the most happiest child of all

Correct Answer C

He is the best boy in the class. (Positive)

A) No other boy in the class is as good as he.

B) He is a good boy in the class.

C) He is better than any other boy.

D) No other boy is so good as the.

Correct Answer C