Objective's Of Enlish Grammer and Composition

The phrase, I caught sight of her' means

A) he caught her sight

B) he saw her

C) he overlooked her

D) he threatened her

Correct Answer B

QUI The word 'mandatory' means

A) preference

B) optional

C) choiceable

D) obligatory

Correct Answer C

She did not buy it the price was so high.

A) although

B) despite

C) because of

D) because

Correct Answer B

The witness cut a poor in this cross examination.

A) show

B) quality

C) figure

D) picture

Correct Answer B

Choose the correct sentence :

A) Either they or I are wrong

B) Either they or I am wrong

C) Either they or I is wrong

D) Either they or I were wrong

Correct Answer A

What is the meaning of the underlined phrase in the sentence? To look quickly through a book is an important study skill.

A) Skim

B) Paraphrase

C) Summarize

D) Outline

Correct Answer C

The new rule is advantageous us.

A) to

B) with

C) for

D) of

Correct Answer B

Complete the sentence - If you had informed me before, 1- you.

A) would met

B) would meet

C) would have met

D) will have me

Correct Answer C

Public universities are funded by

A) Private sector

B) Other donors

C) World Bank

D) Government

Correct Answer B

Robert Frost is a poet of

A) England I

B) Scotland


D) reland

Correct Answer B

eland (T) Scotland 48 l Who is the writer of “Arms and the Man”?

A) George Bernard Shaw

B) William Shakespeare

C) Ben Jonson

D) Somerset Maugham

Correct Answer B

Identify the parts of speech of the word 'vivid

A) adverb (

B) noun

C) adjective

D) verb

Correct Answer B

Which word can be used both as verb and noun?

A) Waste (

B) Ear

C) Famous

D) Pretend

Correct Answer B

Fill in the blank with appropriate preposition. He takes pride -- his wealth.

A) at

B) on

C) upon

D) in

Correct Answer B

Which of the following is the right spelling?

A) Sunami

B) Tshunami (

C) Shunami (

D) Tsunami

Correct Answer C

What will be the appropriate article in the blank of the sentence? I see you are --Wordsworth.

A) an

B) a

C) none

D) the

Correct Answer A

Write down the adjectival form of the word 'cartoon

A) cartoonist

B) cartoonic

C) cartoon

D) cartoonier

Correct Answer A

What is the steering of a car used for?

A) Speeding

B) Stopping

C) Directing

D) Changing speed

Correct Answer C

Choose the correct sentence?

A) He has zest to music

B) He has zest in music

C) He has zest for music (

D) He has zest at music

Correct Answer B

Substitution for a cardiologist will be

A) nerve specialis

B) eye specialist

C) bone specialist

D) heart specialist

Correct Answer C