Objective's Of উচ্চতর গণিত

If a car travelled 600 km in 8 hours then average speed of car is

A) 75km/h

B) 85 km/h

C) 90 km/h

D) 80 km/h

Correct Answer A

In a restaurant, dough for pastries is kneaded by using 5-liter bottles of water in 40 days. If restaurant wants to buy gallons in 15liter packaging then number of 15liter gallons that restau

A) 380 bottles of 15 liter

B) 270 bottles of 15 liter

C) 300 bottles of 15 liter

D) 350 bottles of 15 liter

Correct Answer B

After increasing 72cm by ratio of 9 : 8, new answer will be

A) 64cm

B) 81cm

C) 49cm

D) 100cm

Correct Answer B

Ratio in which price/kg of chicken snacks is decreased from $56 to $48 is

A) 8 : 9

B) 7 : 9

C) 3 : 5

D) 7 : 6

Correct Answer D

Ratio 36 : 27 : 54 can be written in its simplest form as

A) 4 : 3 : 6

B) 2 : 3 : 4

C) 3 : 4 : 5

D) 6 : 3 : 6

Correct Answer A

A car travelled 50 km at an average speed of 40 km/h. It then travels another 30 km/h at average speed before reaching its destination. average speed for whole journey is

A) 81 km/h

B) 78 km/h

C) 75.25 km/h

D) 61.25 km/h

Correct Answer D

After decreasing 50kg in ratio of 2 : 5, answer will be

A) 32kg

B) 30kg

C) 20kg

D) 25kg

Correct Answer C

Ratio to increase 50 to 75 is

A) 3 : 4

B) 2 : 3

C) 2 : 5

D) 2 : 7

Correct Answer B

If price of one dozen of candies is $2.5 then cost of each candy is

A) $0.40/candy

B) 0.70/candy

C) $0.50/candy

D) 0.20/candy

Correct Answer D

Harry bought a new digital camera for $2000. If it captures 150 pictures in 10 minutes then number of pictures camera can take in one second is

A) 0.30 pictures per second

B) 0.25 pictures per second

C) 0.35 pictures per second

D) 0.15 pictures per second

Correct Answer B

If 80 cartons of corn snacks is for $120 then total cost for 150 cartons is

A) 225

B) 245

C) 265

D) 180

Correct Answer A

Susan wants to buy 3.2 m make a floor length frock with little flair. If material she bought is $12.5 for 0.8m then cost of material per meter is

A) $19.625

B) $18.265

C) $15.625

D) $17.625

Correct Answer C

Jenny, Mary and Aqua wants to divide $300 in ratio 2 : 4 : 6. amount of money Jenny, Mary and Aqua received respectively is

A) $60, $110 and $130

B) 50, $100 and $150

C) $80, $100 and $120

D) $70, $100 and $130

Correct Answer B

If car travels 40 km/h then distance car travelled in 50s is

A) 240 m

B) 300 m

C) 250 m

D) 200 m

Correct Answer D

By converting 5.6m² into cm², answer will be

A) 0.0056cm²

B) 5600cm²

C) 56000cm²

D) 560cm²

Correct Answer B

A rectangular field is 40m long and 30m wide. perimeter of rectangular field is

A) 200m²

B) 180m²

C) 160m²

D) 160m²

Correct Answer D

By converting 4.8mm² into cm², answer will be

A) 0.048cm²

B) 0.48cm²

C) 48cm²

D) 480cm²

Correct Answer A

By converting 80.2km² into hectare, answer will be

A) 0.08020ha

B) 8020ha

C) 802ha

D) 0.802ha

Correct Answer B

Type of quadrilateral which has one pair of parallel sides is called

A) triangle

B) semi-circle

C) parallelogram

D) trapezium

Correct Answer D

If width of rectangle is 10cm lass than its length and its perimeter is 50cm then width of rectangle is

A) 58cm²

B) 64cm²

C) 15cm²

D) 30cm²

Correct Answer C