Objective's Of English for Toady

A synonym for 'resentment' is-

A) rear

B) anger

C) indignation

D) panic

Correct Answer B

In a class of 25 students 44% are boys.what is the ratio of boys to girls in the class ?

A) 11:30

B) 11:33

C) 11:13

D) 11:0

Correct Answer C


A) Scatter

B) Gather

C) Produce

D) Amass

Correct Answer A

ধ্বনিবাচক দ্বিরুক্তি শব্দ কোনটি?

A) কড়কড়

B) নরনর

C) মরমর

D) দরদর

Correct Answer A

I remember that____ bought the fruits from

A) They,Us

B) Them,We

C) Them,Us

D) They,We

Correct Answer A

Sorry, she can't come to the phone. She _______ a bath (Fill in the blanks)

A) Is having

B) Have

C) Having

D) Has

Correct Answer A

i do my work....carefully to make mistakes.

A) so

B) very

C) too

D) more

Correct Answer C

He stood......as a rock and faced the challenge.

A) quiet

B) strong

C) solid

D) firm

Correct Answer D

The volcanic........ Was the cause of great devastation.

A) outburst

B) eruption

C) erosion

D) movement

Correct Answer B

Please do not.......an offer made by the chairman

A) refrain

B) refuit

C) refuse

D) refuge

Correct Answer C

He is very.....on meeting foreigners and befriending them

A) anxious

B) find

C) insistent

D) keen

Correct Answer D

The inspector was a vigilant young man

A) smart

B) watchful

C) ambitious

D) intelligent

Correct Answer B

Which is relative pronoun in sentence "A postman gave a letter to woman whom opened a door."

A) To

B) A

C) Door

D) Whom

Correct Answer D

Which is emphatic pronoun in sentence "She herself admitted her mistake."

A) She

B) Her

C) Herself

D) Mistake

Correct Answer C

Which is intensive pronoun in sentence "She proved herself best amongst all of them.'

A) She

B) Of

C) Them

D) Herself

Correct Answer D

Which is indefinite pronoun in sentence "No one knows who is she?"

A) She

B) No one

C) Who

D) Is

Correct Answer B

Which is interrogative pronoun in sentence "Whom are you talking on phone?"

A) You

B) An

C) Are

D) Whom

Correct Answer D

Which is reflexive pronoun in sentence "She blamed herself for this situation."

A) Herself

B) She

C) This

D) For

Correct Answer A

Which is objective pronoun in sentence "Through out their stay in town, they were served by us."

A) Us

B) Their

C) They

D) Who

Correct Answer A

Which is possessive pronoun in sentence "Someone said about his behavior that he was not trustworthy."

A) Someone

B) His

C) He

D) Was

Correct Answer B